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B. / 27 / California.

A woman once told me to put a fork in my bra so as to have quick access to it in order to stab men who try to touch me inappropriately.
So now I keep a fork in my bra at all times.

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livefreenoworries:but it’s worth it


I had a dream about the night we watched Pulp Fiction. Except the couch was in a different spot. And we had a blanket with a bear on it. And some kid came out of nowhere and asked if he could change the channel, he said “go ahead, we’re not watching it anyways”, and then I woke up.

Not sure what it means, but I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Just found an uncle Leo penny as I was walking to my car.. My day is instantly better #healwayscheersmeup #missyoutoo