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A woman once told me to put a fork in my bra so as to have quick access to it in order to stab men who try to touch me inappropriately.
So now I keep a fork in my bra at all times.

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This kid cracks me up. #isaacdonlafond #hesthecoolest

Seslie and I during the #OBdays

I can’t sleep. I tried for a couple hours then got up and started rolling joints. After the first hour I realized that I had packed them too tight, so I spent another hour and a half redoing them. I am now fully stocked on joints but not any closer to being able to sleep. So I went outside, took a little midnight walk, smoked, and drank a little half cup of wine..

Still not tired.

Not being able to sleep when you’re exhausted, it’s an actual form of torture, there’s no wonder I feel so crazy all the time, and it’s my main migraine trigger.

I’ve read that going camping (real camping that’s away from artificial lights) for 4-14 days, can reset your biological clock and help you sleep better. All the times I’ve been camping, they were only weekends trips, it wasn’t long enough to have an affect (effect, maybe.. I’m tired). I want to give it try, I’m passed the point of trying anything, now I’ll do ANYTHING for some relief, some sleep, some rest, some peace. I’m getting tired of struggling with my health.

I miss my #nephew something fierce. #Tminus8days

Insomnia art.. #itsmysister #ifshewasaweirdfairyhooker